To our valued Partners, Colleagues, & Community,

I hope that you and yours have stayed healthy over the past six months. It has been a hard time for many, and I hope you and your teams and families are staying well.

Over the past few months we have begun to see small steps taken as various regions, and our country, began to reopen. It is still a long road ahead, but promising as we see people gather and celebrate together again.

The past few months have also been a time of reflection.  As part of this, we have taken time to understand and learn how we at Decor & More can actively play a role in keeping our event community and partners healthy and safe through this pandemic, now and into the future.

While our internal COVID-19 Policy is more detailed than the summary I am presenting here, I want to take this time to share with you some of the key measures and service changes we have made to ensure we are doing our part in keeping our event community and our families safe.

D&M’s Preventative Measures

COVID-19 Training. All employees will receive training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols with more comprehensive training for our teams with frequent onsite client contact.

Hand Washing. Correct hygiene and frequent hand washing with soap is vital to help combat the spread of virus. All employees have been instructed to wash their hands, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available.

Physical Distancing. Employees will be encouraged to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from each other and other people. We are implementing signage to ensure distance is maintained, to indicate “one way” traffic in hallways, taping off waiting areas to prevent bottlenecks in small spaces such as washrooms, and taping off areas around workstations, appliances, machines, photocopiers, etc. to indicate appropriate two-meter spacing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Appropriate PPE will be worn by all employees based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence to regulations and guidance. Training on how to properly use and dispose of all PPE will be mandatory. Gloves will be provided to employees who will be handling inventory on and off-site.

Pre-Shift Self-Assessment. Employees will be required to complete a self-assessment prior to each shift.

Workspaces. Rearranging workspaces and floor plans, including increasing separation between desks, workstations, and furniture or fixtures in common spaces such as lunchrooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, and washrooms.

Scheduling. We are limiting the number of employees and others in the workplace. Adjusting scheduling, such as start/end times and breaks to reduce the number of people using common spaces (such as break rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms) and elevators at the same time.

Changes to Onsite Process

Onsite Ambassador. An Onsite Ambassador will be identified for each event who will ensure that our team is following established D&M policies AND that we are working in conjunction with the Client's and Event Partner's COVID-19 protocols. D&M staff will need to know any special requirements a minimum of 72 hours in advance of arrival on site to ensure we can accommodate their measures put in place.  

Set-up and Strike Times. D&M will require set scheduled times for set up and tear down without other vendors present to ensure we meet Government guidelines for safe work numbers.

Onsite Personnel. D&M will limit the interaction with nonessential personnel onsite. All onsite communication will go through the onsite Event Coordinator or Crew Chief.

Handling of Non-D&M Items. D&M will not handle Client, Venue or Event Partner equipment, furniture or inventory.  We also request the same of our inventory. 

Floorplans. Each event will require an approved floorplan prior to scheduled load-in.

Onsite Change Meeting. D&M will install as per the approved floorplan.  Once complete, the Event

Coordinator and Crew Chief will meet with the Client and discuss any changes.  Once changes are discussed and approved, D&M will make the approved changes.  Changes will no longer happen throughout the installation for the safety of all teams.

Inventory Sanitation. In addition to disinfecting inventory at the warehouse, D&M will clean and sanitize all required product once installed and set up after Client approval.

While we continue to work towards the next stages of reopening, we will be faced with people’s hesitation, concerns and worries. D&M is committed to continuing to refine and update our policies and services as our Government and Health Professionals provide us more guidelines and advice in the coming weeks and months.

Our industry serves as an important hub for culture and connection, and we plan to ensure it’s a safe and healthy environment now and in the future.



Bryan Bell, President