• Let it Snow
    Outside In

"Let It Snow" themed Holiday Party

The Challenge

The objective was to keep the client's brand top-of-mind with event attendees but was also an opportunity to utilize the large on-site event space in a way that felt more intimate.

Having a large building to work with is often desirable but has the drawback of feeling cold and empty. To overcome this we needed a unique approach.

Our Approach

Frost covered faux-stone gates on a grand scale welcomed guests to the space and a tree-lined cobblestone walkway transitioned them into the main event area. Designing for this event space was all about utilizing scale and scope in décor to achieve intimacy and to reduce the cavernous feel of what is essentially a large concrete box of a venue. These gates were just one of our strategically outsized room features.

"Let It Snow" transported guests of the holiday gala to a picturesque winter of yore. A snow-laden, tree-lined cobblestone walkway entrance brought a Central Park-feel to the event while a massive functional skating rink anchored the space.

Further, twinkle lights and snowy white branches created a natural yet fantastical cover for the cobblestone walkway. Candles, mirrors, fireplaces, snow scene silhouettes and a grand hanging chandelier completed the look for the area.


With crisp snow beneath guests' feet, attendees began a journey that evoked the innocence of childhood. Oversized bevelled mirrors with lush holiday trimmings reflected the beauty of this enchanted winter passage and added a classy downtown-feel to the snowy scenery.

Design Concepts

Lighting and stunning combinations of black and white drape created depth and scale within the cavernous event space at Rama. Each of our décor areas were lit in magical blue and stunning white to bring the displays to life and use shadow to add even more depth and drama.

Several unique décor areas featured outsize snow flakes, 20' snowflake column walls, snow-dusted evergreens, ice sculptures, snowy ground cover and grand white vessels with sparkling white branch toppers.

Our table designs worked as one cohesive unit to create a central “fantasy forest floor” with ghost chairs and shimmering linens uniting with pin-spot lighting to bring the floral centrepieces to their ultimate wintery brilliance.

For a true “falling snow” effect the ceiling featured outsize hanging snowflakes of varying whimsical designs and shapes. Coupled with abstract twinkling chandeliers and the column-like glow of the lighting in the ceiling the space took on the look of a star-lit winter night sky complete with stars and snowflakes of varying material construction and finishes for a true “one-of-a-kind” snowflake feel.

A definitive focal point presented seven foot tall, custom-made letters reading “Let It Snow” which formed the backdrop for the skating rink.

Snow covered tree clusters anchored the sides of the skating rink and gave this area a look that was plucked from a mountain hideaway. Behind the rink, on a more grand scale, three faux windows showcased barren birch branch art and expanded on the snowflake roots of the Let It Snow theme.

The grand scale of these window designs not only drew the appropriate amount of attention to the area, but they also let us get artistic with the abstract feel of the panes, and continue the mountain hideaway undertone of the design.

Table Designs

The design idea was a shimmering icy base with rich heavy linens, clear chargers and ghost chairs. The pin-spot lighting made crisp floral centrepieces pop to life on each table. A classy combination of rounds and rectangular tables diversified the space the same way our varied ceiling treatment of snowflakes added a natural yet abstract appeal.

Individually the tables were dramatic and gorgeous, but when viewed as a collective unit presented in this size of venue they painted a picture of newly fallen snow and rich elegant class rolled into one.

The ceiling featured outsize hanging snowflakes of varying whimsical designs and textures. Coupled with abstract twinkling chandeliers and the column-like glow of the lighting designs the space truly resembled a star-lit winter night sky.

Snow covered cedars, twinkling lights, mirror accents and snow-laden branches created an overall scene worthy of the world's most luxurious snow globe.

The Result

Event guests and our client were astounded at the changes we made to the venue, and we were thrilled to change the look and feel of the event space into what truly felt like another world.